Frequently asked



What are your favorite projects?

My favorite projects tend to line up with some of my favorite people, and there are too may of those in the line up. Certainly, the more remote ones with the best story top the list. I need a good story or I’m easily distracted.



Are you an Architect? Are you a Builder?

No. I am not an Architect, nor am I a Landscape Architect. I couldn’t think about getting through all that schooling. However, I honestly could not be where I am without them and have a great appreciation for their work. I’m also not a builder or a graphic designer, though I’ve been called all of the above many times. I’m simply an experienced creative in the design field, with a natural eye and fluent in the industry languages, focused on advocating for the well being of my client’s endeavors. I am a translator, of sorts, across the multiple disciplines needed to complete most any given project. My craft is drawing out a client’s vision and my gift is building a great team to make it happen.

Are you primarily residential?

Yes, preferably second homes, remote destination properties, private retreats and/or ranches. If there’s a good story, we’re in.

Do you do some commercial work as well?

Yes, but only relational boutique type of projects. My work consists mostly of private executive suites, but includes some larger construction projects as well. Again, if it’s a good story, we’re probably in.

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Do you travel?

Yes, of course, love to. Whether for our Root clients, adventure travels, or non-profit work. Root has worked in many parts of the country, from California to New York, but mainly throughout Texas and Colorado. Our adventure travels and non-profit work have taken us to far off places and I have met a few more clients along the way. All of this now from our basecamp, The Root House , a historic 120-year-old house nestled in the Rocky Mountains and on the San Juan River where we also headquarter FIELD + FAR from our barn.

Are you a large firm?

Nope. It’s just me, myself and I, and my most amazing wife. From our cross country experiences over the years, we use a trusted network of trades to hire out all the project resources so you don’t have to, maneuvering the right people to the right places for the right price, guiding you and advocating for you through the web of communication and critical decision making. This is one of our greatest assets to you. Pooling from our best relationships; architects and landscape architects, pool builders and landscapers and interior designers and more, including surveyors, contractors and engineers… be as involved or not involved as desired, we simply guide you through the resources needed to complete the vision. Including, my favorite creative peeps, the graphic designers, web designers, brand and content strategist… east coast to west coast, whoever is best for the client and or the project.

Vision is key, process is critical, experience is essential.

And of course, along with an incredible wife, we have a really good CPA and Bookkeeper to help manage our Clients investments. They’re all better at asking for money than I am.

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What are your fees?

I once heard a phrase by an industry influencer, “if you have to ask the price, you’re probably shopping at the wrong place.” However, some humble beginnings have taught me greatly about the value of a dollar, so I’m not one to insinuate that we are beyond working within a budget. I will say, as I have worked my way to earn a place in this industry, a tendency has developed to go beyond what is expected. Although I do have a fee schedule, lets discuss it person so that the relationship is first built on trust, not on price.


I emailed you a few weeks ago, why haven’t you replied?

I suffer from Nature Deficit Disorder, self-diagnosed and self-treated. So if I’m not in the barn studio answering emails, we’re likely on an adventure somewhere having fun and doing good. And along with Root, I’ve founded and/or work for a few other companies along side my wife, 4 kids, and other family members, a couple of which are non-profits. So when you don’t hear from me, just hold tight, I’ll get right back to you as soon as I can, likely with a good story. Hope you’ll join me one day.

How long does a typical project take?

The short answer is: as long as it takes. And these days, it seems, there is no longer such thing as a “typical” project. Trust the process.

How do I know if we’re a good fit?

Well, I don’t work for mean people, so mean people need not apply. So I’m not for everyone, and that’s ok. But if the right Client with the right dream comes along at the right time, some amazing things can happen and we’ll have a lot of fun. In the end, we design what’s right, whether in the built environment or on paper, and we’ll secure the investment far beyond the dollar value. So again, lets hop on a phone call or have coffee… it’s simple and I’ll buy, unless you’re mean.